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presenceofgodSeptember is drawing to a close and we're officially into fall which means we will be celebrating the Feast of Matthew the Evangelist, our patron!   We're also coming to the last two months of our liturgical calendar which begins with our "Every Member Canvass."


When we think about stewardship, it's important to focus on God.  God should always be at the center of our heart and mind when we think about stewardship, not the church.  Stewardship revolving around anything other than God in the center of our life is a misconception.   If we are God's children, it's logical that everything we have is loaned to us and belongs to God.  Our life, the life in our children, the life of everyone we know and love, and the life in all creation are gifts from God.  How we use the life and blessings God has given us shapes our relationship with God and all of God's creation.


Perhaps one hindrance to the advancement of the Kingdom of God in our world is the possesive pronoun "mine."   I wonder how the world would change if "God's" was always used in place of "mine."   We would see with God's eyes, use God's hands, spend God's money, offer God's love, give away God's gifts and use God's time.    All that we are and all that we have...........


God's presence and peace is with you,

Fr. Mark

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