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Altar Guild

St. Matthew’s Altar Guild is currently composed of a group of 12 parishioners (and sometimes drafted family members) who love the ritual and order of the Episcopal church. As a service ministry the guild is responsible for the mindful preparations for all services. It is a high privilege to serve in God’s sanctuary and at His altar, so it is with sincere devotion of mind and body Altar Guild members strive to make their service an offering to the Lord.


As we set the altar for each service and altar adornments for Epiphany, Lent, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter, Pentecost, All Saints, Thanksgiving, the four Sundays of Advent, and Christmas, we are actively reminded of the reasons and the seasons of our church calendar. The guild meets occasionally for training, special cleaning.


Responsibilities of the Altar Guild:   

  • Set-up, care and cleaning of the altar and its appointments
  • Preparation of the nave and chapel for all weekly services as well as baptisms, weddings, burials, confirmations, memorial services and other services as needed
  • Organization and direction of procedures for weddings and funerals
  • Care and repair of altar linens
  • Overseeing of altar needs and procurement of any needed items


Altar Flowers and Gifts:  When considering a contribution in memory of someone or in thanksgiving, please remember the memorial fund and the altar flower fund. Altar flowers presently cost $67.50 for a Sunday.  However, a check in any amount may be made out to the Altar Guild and sent to the office with the name of the honored individual(s) or a special occasion and the date.   Memorials are used to purchase linens and hardware for our altars.





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The ministry of Acolyte is very old, going back to at least the third century CE.  These early acolytes had functions very similar to those of the modern day - they were to assist the bishop and clergy during liturgical services and help lead and define the tone of worship for the community. 


Like today, these early acolytes gave strong witness to their Christian faith and were dedicated to their worship community.


Current acolytes are:  

8 AM Services                     Mary Niccum

                                              Karen Smith


10:30 AM Services              Maxwell Martindale

                                              Mary Katherine Martindale

                                              Oliver Garcia

                                              Marcello Gaytan

                                              Cooper Smith

                                              Grace Smith

                                              Karen Lang

                                              John McGarr


A ministry as an acolyte is a testimony of your love for God and your desire to serve him in worship!  If you are interested or know someone interested to serve St. Matthew's worship community as an acolyte, please call or email the church office.



Eucharistic Visitor

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Lay Reader

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