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Prison Outreach
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A Native American wise man in the Midwest was asked by his grandson about all the conflict and discord in the world as they sat beside a peaceful stream. The grandfather reflected for a moment and then replied, “My child, there are two dogs battling within my heart. One is full of anger, hatred, and rage. The other is full of love, forgiveness, and peace.”  The old man paused, and he and his grandson sat for a moment in contemplative silence by the side of the tranquil stream.  Finally, the boy spoke again, “Grandfather, which dog will win the battle in your heart? The one filled with hatred, or the one filled with love?”  The old man looked at his grandson, smiled and said, “The one I feed will win.” 

holy communionThen he continued, “My child, feeding one dog or the other is only part of the answer.  For the Great Spirit offers food for each of us—and it is from the Great Spirit that we first learn to feed others.”


Each Sunday we at St. Matthew's are fed spiritually as we celebrate the Holy Eucharist.  We come to the Paschal banquet and are nourished for our continuing journey.   As we have been fed, so must we feed others in Christ's name.  The human heart yearns to hear the voice of the Shepherd who leads all who listen to God's peace and God’s reconciling love.  


This is the goal of our outreach to the Jordan & Baten units in Pampa.  We strive to bring the transforming power of the light and love of Christ to those behind bars by joining with them in Holy Communion.  Through Christ they are offered hope, healing and purpose.  


This is a wonderful outreach!   

Church members interested in participating in this outreach are encouraged to talk with anyone active with the Community Ministry Group, Fr. Mark or by contacting the church office.  (806) 665-0701

Contact Info Address: 727 W. Browning Avenue, Pampa, Texas   Phone #: (806) 665-0701 Contact Us       Members Area
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