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St. Matthew’s Episcopal Day School and the Parish of St. Matthew’s Episcopal church are excited to introduce a project idea.  Since the establishment of the day school in 1954, the children have not had a space for recreation during severe weather.  Whether snow, blustery wind, or 100+ degree days, the children are forced to play in the Parish Hall with its hard floors and without playground equipment.  In the Texas Panhandle, these days can be many and cabin fever very real.


A 120’ x 80’ metal building with an attractive partial brick veneer is proposed to meet this need.  Its entrance will face west and be located on Purviance Street in the currently vacant lot just south of the existing Day School.  Morning and afternoon carpool will no longer be in the alley but at this new entrance.  



The benefits of the new facility are many and include:

  • Indoor recreation area during inclement weather
  • Restrooms that provide an above ground tornado shelter
  • Safe and convenient carpool
  • Increased space for school related activities like Thanksgiving Day Feast, Discovery Night, Rodeo, etc.
  • A larger area for the annual Day School scholarship fundraiser Pancake Supper
  • Additional space for future growth as enrollment is almost always at capacity with a waiting list






The project is estimated to cost $600,000.  Grants have been and are still being pursued

but the affiliation with the church makes the project ineligible for many public grants. 

We are excited, however, to announce that we have received enough funding to make

this a real possibility!

  • $150,000 MK Brown Grant
  • $150,000 anonymous gift
  • $100,000 Day School & Church contribution

Our goal is to break ground by the end of the year, but we will need your help!

We ask that you please consider a donation for the safety and well being of our

community’s children.   





giving(Please also send us an email so we know who to credit for online giving.  Click Contact Us below. )


Make checks to:

St. Matthew’s Education Center

Mail or drop by St. Matthew’s Church

727 W Browning

Pampa TX 79065


Name  ______________________________________

Phone Number _______________________________

Address _____________________________________

City, State, Zip ________________________________

In Memory of_________________________________

Or In Honor of________________________________


Donation Amount:

___$25           ___$500

___$50           ___$1000

___$100         ___Other


For convenience (GoFundMe charges a small percentage), follow the link to our GoFundMe campaign.  

Contact Info Address: 727 W. Browning Avenue, Pampa, Texas   Phone #: (806) 665-0701 Contact Us       Members Area
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